MIT and Gender Inequity

Walk the halls of the MIT corridor and you’ll feel a much more balanced gender ratio these days than in 10 years ago. But have gender quotas inevitably caused resentment at today’s universities? Perhaps they have replaced the resentment that marginalized women have faced and created a more connected, aggressive resentment from a larger pool of men?

This NYTimes article shows that gender awareness needs to happen at an undergraduate level. Both young women and men need to be sensitized to sterotypes, negotiation habits, and marginalization.

“To women in my generation, these residual issues can sound small because we see so much progress,” said Nancy H. Hopkins, a molecular biologist who instigated the first report. “But they’re not small; they still create an unequal playing field for women — not just at universities, and certainly not just at M.I.T. And they’re harder to change because they are a reflection of where women stand in society.”

About ericadhawan

Writer about women, leadership and movement. Currently at Harvard and MIT.
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