I’m moving on…

To a new website! For the past 18 months, my wordpress blog has been a place to capture my thoughts and experiences, but my website felt stuck and not truly representing ME.

Like everything, my new site (ericadhawan.com) is a work in progress and I’ll be making more changes in the coming weeks and months. But I hope you’ll check it out and sign up. There will be a lot more coming from me on next generation leadership, talent innovation, and even Bollywood dance!

I could have waited to make my new site perfect, but I know that getting it out in the world NOW is exactly what I needed to do.  My theme for this year is building a culture of experimentation in my life, being able to test new behaviors and ways of working, whether it’s a website, a product, or even a dance routine!

When was the last time you didn’t wait to make a project or blog post or paper ‘perfect’ and shared it with the world? Chances are it was more authentic and real and you more quickly improved it.

About ericadhawan

Writer about women, leadership and movement. Currently at Harvard and MIT.
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