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Writer about women, leadership and movement. Currently at Harvard and MIT.

Was Steve Jobs really a leader?

As I read the eulogies for Steve Jobs over the past week, I’ve been particularly observing what my friends and colleagues praised about him. I was most puzzled by the word ‘leader’ that was used in so many articles lauding … Continue reading

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The Girl Effect: Invest in Girls

Today is the launch of the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign, a collaborative effort of hundreds of bloggers coming together to write about The Girl Effect on Oct 4, 2011. To start, watch this 2 min video. It’s clear. The studies show … Continue reading

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3 years after Lehman, where do we stand?

On September 15, 2008, I sat at a trading desk at Lehman Brothers (my first job out of college) watching the collapse of the firm and the Dow’s 500 point drop as a panic period peaked across the world. Three … Continue reading

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My Dialogue Walk with Peter Senge

“Never waste your time convincing anyone of anything.  Get them to realize that they are struggling. A community organizer helps groups realize they have deep common interests even though they don’t yet know how to work together.”  -Peter Senge On … Continue reading

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The difference between Intent and Impact

When we enter a new community, we come with assumptions. Assumptions are not bad; they are truths that we walk with. Yet when we feel someone does something very offensive in our own community, we often forget to unearth their … Continue reading

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What makes a good coach?

Coaching is a core leadership practice that enables others in a variety of contexts from companies and nonprofits to campaigns and trainings. A good coach doesn’t take over. A good coach waits for the question. The coachee first needs to … Continue reading

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What is good feedback?

Giving and receiving feedback is a critical skill for all leaders. Good feedback is the kind that makes you want to go back to work. It’s not the kind that feels brutal for three days or the kind that says … Continue reading

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Art to Change the World

Check out this inspiring TEDtalk by activist and performer Mallika Sarabhai on how the arts can bring change and awareness in the world. I truly believe that artistic practice, beautiful in its own right for making art, also provides a … Continue reading

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How do I unlearn?

The first step is to acknowledge what I have learned. Then to acknowledge that in order to learn I have to feel consciously incompetent and in need of learning. I move from what I learned into a conscious state of unlearning … Continue reading

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On innovation….

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