Research: What are the work-life aspirations of Generation Y women and men and how are their careers being shaped by their “life” aspirations?

Next Generation Consulting: Through my leadership coaching, training programs, and consulting, I transform young leaders into stable, committed, and creative agents of change in business.

How can Fortune 500 companies attract, retain and engage young leaders while achieving their missions? Recent college graduates and graduate students across the nation are having trouble finding jobs they want. Many say it’s the market recession, but there’s something systemic going on. Members of Generation Y, known as “millennials” (born 1978-1994), don’t want most of the jobs that are available. Millenials are motivated to create their own jobs, are more innovation and entrepreneurial than ever and companies need to harness all this energy. Furthermore, a Universum survey published in 2008 reported that of 37,000 recent college graduates, 59 percent indicated that their top career goal was balancing their personal and professional lives.

Most corporate structures are out of sync with the lifestyle desires of Generation Y (e.g. flextime, hybrid careers, travel opportunities, technology, open offices, harnessing the entrepreneurial/innovative spirit of young people).  Companies need to rethink the way their employees work, making major changes that will accommodate the unique work desires of Gen Y.

What’s in it for companies? 21st century companies will increase employee performance by reducing turnover and having happier, more productive and creative, longterm Gen Y employees. A BPW Foundation’s Gen Y study published in April 2011 noted that by 2025, Generation Y will make up roughly 75% of the world’s workforce. With this many millennials making up the majority of the workforce by 2025 (only 14 years away), employers cannot afford to ignore their unique needs and talents.

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